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  • Threshold Inspections

    Many times the question arises, "What exactly is a threshold inspection?" The simple answer lies in the name itself.  Threshold means a doorsill or entrance which implies that an inspector will observe the procedure from a safe distance without interfering in the procedure.

    Threshold inspectors can be considered a form of quality control.  A threshold inspector is a certified building inspector or a qualified engineer who inspects the project when the building exceeds specified height, square footage, or occupancy load.  The builder is required by law to hire a threshold inspector.  In addition to performing structural inspections, a threshold inspector will oversee certain activities during construction as specified by the engineer of record and/or applicable codes such as exterior window and door installation, shoring and reshoring.

    According to Florida Statute 553.71(7) "Threshold Building" means any building which is greater than three stories or 50 feet in height or which has an ...

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  • Notice Required for Structures with Light-frame Truss-type Construction

    Did you know your building is required by law to comply with Florida Statute, Section 633.027?

    Florida Statute, Section 633.027 requires the owner of any commercial or industrial structure, or any multiunit residential structure of three units or more, that uses light-frame truss-type construction shall mark the structure with a sign or symbol approved by the State Fire Marshall.  The Florida Administrative Code 69A-3.012 and or 69A-60.0081 establishes the dimensions, color, and location(s) of the sign or symbol.

    According to Florida Administrative Code 69A-3.012 and or 69A-60.0081; the owner of each existing structure required to comply with this section shall mark the structure with the approved symbol within 90 days of the effective date of this rule.  Where the owner of the structure and the authority having jurisdiction disagree as to the use of light-frame truss-type construction within the structure, the owner shall be granted not more than 45 days ...

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  • Corrosive/Chinese Drywall

    A person spends quality time with friends and family in their abode, called homes, but due to the doubt created with the indoor air quality caused by the materials used for the construction of homes, the image of a dream home has been dented.  Recently, many incidents have been reported by homeowners with corrosive drywall used in their homes.  American homeowner's are already going through many challenges associated with the recent economic downturn, and on top of that they have to deal with the use of corrosive drywalls.


    In today's global economy where anything can be available anywhere in the world, construction materials are also available at competitive prices from around the world. The problem started with shortage of drywall in the market due to construction boom in early 2000, and high demand of drywall in the aftermath of destructive hurricanes. The problem was first reported in December 2008, ...

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  • 2009 IRC Fire Sprinklers

    Fire sprinklers in one and two family dwellings continue to be a very hot topic across the nation.  Most of the States have adopted the 2009 IBC/IRC are also supporting the mandatory use of sprinkler systems in one and two family homes and all town homes.  The facts are the while smoke detectors provide an early warning to get out of the structure; fire sprinkler systems can actually save many more lives.  Yes the cost is huge, but how do we measure the value of a human life....

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  • Update for the World of Concrete (WOC)

    By all accounts, traffic both visitor and exhibitor was way down from previous years.  The good news is that there is cautious optimism with regards to the near and mid term future.  PAC reports that cement consumption is expected to increase by 5.2% this year.  Of course this is a small shuffle up from an extremely depressed level.  In the mid term outlook, 2014 is the year people are expecting to be back to near normal levels.

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  • Welcome to 2010 and our new website!

    2010 is the start of a new decade and many other firsts.  The IBC 2009 will be going into effect, fire sprinklers will be required in one and two family dwellings and for the first time Dansco will be hosting a booth at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas

    As we start our 21st year in business, I see many signs that we have finally bottomed out and are slowly moving into better times economically.  In many areas, housing starts are starting to increase, multi-family projects are beginning again and commercial projects, large and small are being planned.

    We at Dansco Engineering are excited about the future and hope that you will join us and allow us the honor of working with you on your next project.

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