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Corrosive/Chinese Drywall

A person spends quality time with friends and family in their abode, called homes, but due to the doubt created with the indoor air quality caused by the materials used for the construction of homes, the image of a dream home has been dented.  Recently, many incidents have been reported by homeowners with corrosive drywall used in their homes.  American homeowner's are already going through many challenges associated with the recent economic downturn, and on top of that they have to deal with the use of corrosive drywalls.


In today's global economy where anything can be available anywhere in the world, construction materials are also available at competitive prices from around the world. The problem started with shortage of drywall in the market due to construction boom in early 2000, and high demand of drywall in the aftermath of destructive hurricanes. The problem was first reported in December 2008, and after a significant number of homeowner's were affected, a task force was established in July 2009. Most of the reported issues with corrosive drywall can be traced to drywall imported from China, and thus it is also known as "Chinese Drywall". An estimated total of 550 million pounds - or seven million sheets of drywall - were imported from China in 2000 and 2001, which is enough to install in approximately 70,000 homes. However, not all of the drywall imported from China is corrosive (only one mine in China has been identified as the problem), but all corrosive drywall is Chinese, which makes it difficult to estimate the number of homes affected.


In cases where corrosive drywall was reported, the homeowner's complained about "rotten-egg" odor and hazardous gases affecting electrical appliances and wirings.  Extended exposure can also lead to health concerns. Florida, Alabama and Louisiana are among the states majorly affected by corrosive drywall. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has (so far) received 2900 complaints from 37 states for the use of corrosive drywall, out of which 60% of the homes are located in Florida.


The Florida Department of Health developed a self-assessment guide to make it easier for homeowners or professional building inspectors to determine if the home meets the criteria for a possible case of drywall associated with corrosion.  To reach an increased level of confidence that a home suffers from drywall associated corrosion, The Florida Department of Health recommends materials analysis by trained professionals. Dansco Engineering's Inspection Department can guide you through the process and suggest remediation measures if corrosive drywall is identified in the home. Remember, the homes were constructed by people and can be repaired by the same people if the problem is identified.

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