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Notice Required for Structures with Light-frame Truss-type Construction

Did you know your building is required by law to comply with Florida Statute, Section 633.027?

Florida Statute, Section 633.027 requires the owner of any commercial or industrial structure, or any multiunit residential structure of three units or more, that uses light-frame truss-type construction shall mark the structure with a sign or symbol approved by the State Fire Marshall.  The Florida Administrative Code 69A-3.012 and or 69A-60.0081 establishes the dimensions, color, and location(s) of the sign or symbol.

According to Florida Administrative Code 69A-3.012 and or 69A-60.0081; the owner of each existing structure required to comply with this section shall mark the structure with the approved symbol within 90 days of the effective date of this rule.  Where the owner of the structure and the authority having jurisdiction disagree as to the use of light-frame truss-type construction within the structure, the owner shall be granted not more than 45 days to provide written verification from a licenses engineer or licensed architect.  Non-compliance may result in a misdemeanor charge and fines up to $1,000.

Dansco Engineering, LLC can help you comply by visually verifying the existing roof and/or floor construction frame type.  Light-frame truss-type construction means a type of construction whose primary strucutral elements are formed by a system of repetitive wood or light gauge steel framing members.

Where light-frame truss-type construction is present Dansco will provide and install the sign(s) pursuant to the Florida Administrative Code 69A-3.012.  If light-frame truss-type construction is not present Dansco will provide written verification that Florida Statute 633.027 does not apply. 

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