Concrete Shoring & Formwork Engineering

As the nation's leading concrete shoring and formwork engineering firm, Dansco has developed a reputation for excellence in the design of concrete shoring and reshoring systems for all types of structures. We have been trusted by concrete shoring and formwork industry leaders for over 20 years to meet the most stringent project requirements and schedules.  
We work closely with our clients in consideration of project type and schedule to determine the optimum concrete shoring and formwork system(s) for their needs.  
Our concrete shoring expertise includes all major proprietary shoring products and methods as well as conventional wood-framed forming methods. We are experienced in slab shoring design (e.g. flat plate, pan/joist, pan/slab, precast joist and soffit, etc.) as well as wall and column form design.
Dansco has special capabilities in several areas: 
  • heavy and logistically difficult shoring applications;
  • custom formwork design; and 
  • reshore design for virtually any concrete shoring system and construction sequence.
Dansco Engineering delivers full service engineering and drafting for your shoring projects, or, if you prefer, engineering review/sign/seal for projects which you have drafted. Our on-demand inspection program keeps your project moving along on schedule.
Dansco gives the utmost consideration to economy as well as safety on each of our projects.  We consider it the highest compliment that the vast majority of our work has been obtained through "word of mouth" advertising. We have a flawless safety record -- no design-related failures have occurred on any of our projects.
We are currently registered as Structural and/or Professional Engineers in 29 states and continue to expand each year.  When your project requires a professionally engineered shoring or reshoring design contact us online or call 813-645-0166.