Structural Inspections

Dansco Engineering offers structural inspections for new and existing construction of any size and type.  Our licensed building inspectors, are supported by professional and structural engineers on staff. 
As part of our structural inspections service, we also offer inspections for fire and water damage, hurricane damage and preventative maintenance solutions, stucco and EIFS systems, and residential mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.
These services can include timely and economical retrofit and repair solutions where deficiencies and/or damage are found with opinions of probable costs for corrective action.
The following structural inspections are a sampling of the types of inspections Dansco offers:
Third Party Inspections
It is not uncommon to request third-party structural inspections to confirm quality assurance. We offer these third-party quality assurance structural inspections of new residential and commercial construction so that you can be sure your project is being built in accordance with construction plans and specifications.
Private Provider Inspections (Florida-Specific)
Florida Statute §553.791 provides that the fee owner may elect to use a private provider to provide plans review or required building inspections, or both in lieu of the building department; allowing construction to be independently inspected for quality and code compliance by a licensed Professional Engineer and/or his Duly Authorized Representative. 
Dansco's thorough inspections may lead to increased quality in workmanship, less defect claims, and less warranty claims.When timeliness is vital to the success of your project, our structural inspection services avoid lengthly lead times normally associated with governmental personnel.
Threshold Inspections (Florida-Specific)
A threshold building is defined in Florida Statute §553.371 as exceeding three stories or 50 feet in height, or which has an assembly building classification as defined in the Florida Building Code which exceeds 5,000 square feet in area with occupant content greater than 500 persons.   
Florida Statute §553.379 requires a Special Inspector to perform structural inspections on a threshold building pursuant to a structural inspection plan prepared by the engineer or record.
Dansco's Threshold Inspector Representative will work under the direction of a Special Inspector (Registered Engineer) licensed by the State of Florida to provide threshold inspections.
Shoring and Reshoring Inspections
Whether required by statute specification or contractor confidence Dansco's extensive experience in shoring and reshoring design using many different systems allows for efficient inspections to keep your project moving along smoothly and safely.
Property Condition Assessments
Also known as a Due Diligence Study, a property condition assessment is an in-depth physical evaluation of existing commercial building sites and systems for code compliance, present condition, and repair and maintenance issues. Also included are opinions of probable costs for retrofit and repair action. Our PCA studies follow the industry standard ASTM E 2018. You can rely on Dansco to get the full picture of the physical health of a commercial real estate property.
Hurricane Damage Prevention and Disaster Mitigation Inspections
You've heard the expression - an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! We offer structural inspections for compliance to the latest hurricane codes as well as economical retrofit and repair solutions where deficiencies are found. Upgrading your structure can provide valuable tax deductions and reduction in insurance premiums, not to mention peace of mind. While no structure can economically be built as hurricane-proof, our designs incorporate the latest standards for hurricane resistant construction. In the event of hurricane damage to your structure, we offer damage assessment inspection services, assistance with insurance claims, plans and specifications for repair, and construction administration services.
Condominium Conversion Inspections
Many states require that existing apartments, hotels, resorts, etc. which are to be converted to condominiums be inspected with regard to the age, remaining life, and estimated repair costs of the major building systems - e.g. structural, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and fire protection. Also to be inspected are the pavement/parking, concrete/walkways, seawalls, swimming pools, and similar ancillary structures. In addition to our detailed assessment of the above in our conversion inspection report, we can assist in the development of the requirements for a Fund Reserve.

Dansco Engineering offers a wide array of structural inspections, and the list above is but a small representation of the various structural inspections services we can performed. When your project requires a leader in engineering and structural inspections, contact us online or call 813-645-0166. Dansco Engineering will provide the best value structural inspection.