Truss Engineering

Dansco Engineering provides the industry's leading truss engineering review and repair services for both wood and light-gauge steel trusses, wall panels, EWP and engineered wood products (e.g. I-joists, LVL, glulam, etc.). We review truss layouts (placement plans) and design both temporary and permanent bracing for wood and light-gauge steel truss systems. As the leader in truss engineering, Dansco's provides fast and competitively priced services for the truss industry.   

Our truss engineering includes servicing the steel truss industry. Principally, we provide permanent bracing details and truss repair design for light gauge steel trusses. Our truss engineering design services include special steel members such as shear blocking, connectors, beams and girders.

Dansco Engineering works with the truss industry leaders and are consultants with truss plants as well as plate manufacturers. Our truss engineering department provides:

  • truss review services;
  • sealed truss design and layouts;
  • sealed truss repair design
  • EWP design and repair 
  • load calculations;
  • construction and repair details; and
  • engineering letters are available, as needed.


Our truss engineering department is geared for quick turnaround, with no extra charge for "rush jobs."  Most jobs are completed and returned within 24 hours. This is possible due to our fully electronic capability for the convenient and streamlined transfer of information between clients and our offices. Completed projects are efficiently returned to clients via email with hard copies also available upon request.

Dansco Engineering is currently licensed as professional and structural engineers in 29 states. All projects demand a leader, and Dansco is the leader in truss engineering. For a quote or to speak about our project experience, contact us online or call 813-645-0166.